Hi everyone! Welcome to my world! This is my official ejournal in my EDS 101 and 113 subject! By the way, I am Lexter Mangubat, an online student taking up Bachelor of Educatoin Studies in University of the Philippines Open University. This is my 7th term in my UPOU stay. And in my subject we are asked to have this ejournal for reflections and diary. So, guys, sit back, relax and enjoy reading my learning in my subjects.

Studying online is not an easy task. You might think that—yes! “it is hard to study alone”, and you’re correct! But not that so hard, like you’re going to die in studying all by yourself. You just need more discipline and all things will follow. For me, studying online is just the same in studying in other formal/traditional school—the only difference is that, we are studying online, while “they” are studying in classroom or with physical contact with their classmate and teacher. Actually, if we were all available, we can also study in a classroom and have a “physical contact” with them. But unfortunately, we are not available and that is the main reason why we opted online, or should I say, why I chose online. And here some of my “to-do-lists” and accomplished tasked in my online study.

In my EDS 101 subject, we are tasked to answer some assessment questions about ourselves. There were four sets of assessments; study skills inventory, self regulation questionnaire, time management skill test and inventory of philosophies of education. I will go over each of them one by one.

First, I took the Study Skills Inventory. Here I was able to determine two major areas that I need to improve, and this is reading the textbooks and note taking. I can somehow accept the result because I am really lazy in reading and note taking. I got 25/30 in textbooks, 15/20 in note taking, 32/30 in memory, 42/40 in test preparation, 45/35 in concentration and 25/20 in time management.

Then, I answered the Self Regulation Questionnaire. I got 204 which signify that I have a low self control. I must admit, maybe sometimes, but I am now trying to overcome this by praying and letting God rule myself.

Next is the Time Management Skills Test. I got an excellent mark here–40! I agree with this :). I know myself that I am very strict with my schedule. As much as possible, I should stick my schedule within the planned time.

With these tests, I was able to know some of my lapses in my 2 years in online studies. I was able to know that I should exert more effort in studying the given textbooks, note taking and self control. I think, by this time, I am exerting more effort in note taking and studying the given modules. In fact, I got a big notebook now to have my notes with my black and red pen and a green highlighter (yey! define effort 🙂 ).

After these assessments, I answered the Inventory of Philosophies of Education. The highest score that I got is 21 in progressivism and social reconstructivism. My lowest score is 20 in perennialism and existentialism. This result reflects my philosophy in education. I believe that education should be experienced, not only through reading the book then memorizing it but, by applying it to the “real world” and experiencing the ups and downs of life. And seeing the results, I think progressivism matches my belief and somehow, upon researching, I think that I am also into addressing the social needs through education. Certainly, I am affected by my cultural beliefs, religion, and education in answering the assessment.

I am done with these tasks including this ejournal and I pledge that I will be a responsible student of UPOU taking up EDS 101. I will do my best to accomplish all the tasks that our professor gives. And I hope that you would join me in learning the Philosophy of Education. God bless us all!