“a good teacher should first and foremost be passionately and conscientiously committed to his work” –Confucius (Huanyin, 1993)


This idea strike me the most upon reading about Confucius’ Education. Indeed a teacher should have the greatest passion in teaching. Since he/she has the responsibility to a child’s mind, one way to help him/her is to inculcate into his/her mind the importance of benevolence. In this ejournal entry, I would share to you my little knowledge, which I got from the various readings, about how Confucius develop his philosophy that made him one of the greatest teacher in the world, what are some similarities of Confucius’ Educational philosophy to our schools, especially here in the Philippines and the things we might or should promote in our schools today.


Confucianism started in the time were morality of humans are declining or nothing at all, when there are no peace and the feudalism and castes system were unstable. Confucius, having born that time saw these inhumane activities, thus, he constructed and developed ways to save the humanity. However, at first, nobody believed him, and so he gave up and go back to his country to become a teacher. There he devoted all of his life and became the teacher of over 3000 disciples. (Confucius’ educational thought, n.d.) This is the start of Confucianism


With regards to the similarities, for me the greatest similarity of Confucian Educational perspectives is the aim for education for all. Confucius according to Confucius’ educational thought (n.d) Confucius “…taught people of all ranks without discrimination”. Meaning he wants to educate all people. Moreover, his aims of restoring and giving character education also reflects the schools principle.


Lastly, for me, we should follow how Confucius aims to produce a morally upright and benevolent child. With this we could have a better country. Another is for the teacher, according to Confucius, (Huanyin, 1993) for a teacher to produce a benevolent child he must first love his/her students. With this, all good things follow. We could relate good things to our students if we have a good relationship to them. Thus, teacher’s love promotes the student to become lovable also.


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