Welcome everyone to my ejournal! This time, I will be sharing with you the things that I will be learning as I go through with my modules. By the way, this page is for EDS 151—Instructional Media Resources only, hence you will see here some things about instructional resources. In this entry, I will share with you my view on the roles and function of instructional materials and resources in teaching, my reflections about online learning and my role as an online student of UPOU and the results that I get upon taking the Study Skills Inventory, Self-Regulation Questionnaire, Time Management Skills Test.


Role and Functions of Learning Materials and Resources

For me, instructional materials and resources are the effective tools to fully learn in a learning process. It will help the students to understand well the topic. Well-designed materials and resources will supplement the effective teaching style of the teacher. It is the physicalized curriculum, in a sense that it provides the materials that are essential to employing the topic in the curriculum.


Online Learning

Online learning is very efficient and convenient for a student like me since I am not only studying, sometimes I do theater arts, film, and part-time tutoring. It is efficient since the learning you get from a formal school can be complemented by online learning. Online learning taught me a lot of things, from responsibility for my own learning up to the extent of being a responsible and disciplined person. As an UPOU student, I should be showing the honor and excellence that UP entails. I should be responsible enough to maintain the integrity that UP has set a long time ago till now. Lastly, I should be able to share my knowledge, as an Iskolar ng Bayan, to all, so that the knowledge will not only revolve on UP students but also to all the learners. I could do this with this kind of blogs and sharing.


Test Results

Last September 2016, as I have also posted here in my WordPress account, I took different self-tests to determine how am I going with the study styles that I do. According to the results that I got this time, I noticed that some of them go down and mostly goes up. I will show the result in a table so that I can also see which factors improve and which even goes below.

Study Skills Inventory—gives the areas that I need to improve in my study habit

Textbooks 24/30 25/30
Note-taking 13/20 15/20
Memory 31/30 32/30
Test Preparation 35/40 32/40
Concentration 39/35 45/35
Time Management 19/20 25/20


As we can see, it is saddening that I got low scores from the last result of my test on the areas: textbooks, note-taking, memory, concentration and time management. Nonetheless, this should not be a burden but should be my inspiration to improve. Honestly, I am so lazy when it comes to note-taking, but I will do my best to pursue note taking.

Self-Regulation Questionnaire—this gives me ideas if I can direct or regulate my own behavior or not

In this area, I got a higher mark than my 2016 test. I got 225 points which mean I’m in the intermediate self-regulation as compare to the low mark of 204 last year. Does this mean that I improve in controlling myself? Maybe, this is because I became more responsible for my deeds and decisions as compared last year.

Time-Management Skills Test—obviously, this will help me know if I can manage my time well or not.

Certainly, I got the same mark of 40 which is an excellent mark as with my 2016 results. This could mean that I am able to manage my time well. Well, I admit it that time is crucial for me, that I feel bad whenever I became unproductive in one day. I made sure that my time will be consumed well since we only have limited lives so we need to treasure every minute of my life.


There! Due to this low mark results, I will become more responsible for adding in my study habits the note-taking, reading textbooks well, and concentration. I will give my best to accomplish all the requirements of this course and I will see to it that I am learning in every module that I will be studying. So guys, please stay with me as I share with you my learning. God bless us all!