Hi, everyone! Today, I just finished my activity on module 3. You know guys, I also really enjoy this module, its readings, and its activity. Why? I found this important to me as a student and also as a future teacher. Knowing the technicalities in making a print material is really crucial for us to make an effective and efficient learning material for our student. I won’t make this reflection so long. My learning on this module is demonstrated by my work on activity 2 which you can find here.

Knowing how to construct print materials, its advantages and disadvantages would really contribute to the construction of a better educator. Why construction? I believe that through these kinds of modules, knowledge is placed pieces by pieces in its proper place. Imagine a construction of a building. The building is the education students and the blocks and pieces for constructions are the learning experiences that the students are facing. These learning experiences include the courses the students enrolled at, the study guides they are using and other learning environments that they are encountering—from formal to informal learning. This module belongs to the construction of a floor for instructional materials and technicalities of instruction design. The module contributes as one of the blocks that would build up the room for making an instructional material like print media. The print media is just a cubicle in the room. Can you imagine that? But this, a room would not be functional enough without its cubicles on it working together to remain the foundation of the building stable. The rule is, once a cubicle would not functioning well, the room will become weak and eventually would lead to weakness in the other parts on it. See the connection and importance of a cubicle like this module? That is how I think, I would relate this module to me as an in-progress building working hard to fill up each cubicle as that each room requires.

I just finished filling up a cubicle, I hope I could remain this cubicle stable as I fill up other cubicles and room. Perhaps, this learning would be put into my long-term memory due to the effective activity provided in the module. It is indeed effective for a module to provide active and interactive activities that would foster learning.

For this module, I should remember that print media is just one of the many instructional materials that we could make. This, in fact, has advantages and disadvantages that we need to consider. Indeed, we need to consider the best instructional material that would best fit on the content, pedagogy, and technology that we would use for the teaching-learning process. Print media is just one type, there are lots of more instructional resources and materials that we need to consider to fully have a good room for this. Choosing the right media to use while considering technology, content and pedagogy are one of the many factors that we need to consider for us to become effective facilitators and guide to the learners.

Thank you for reading! God bless us all! 🙂