The Internet is very useful to us in this Information Age. However, this will also be dangerous to us. Information on the internet are not all facts, valid, and reliable. We need to evaluate its reliability and validity. Moreover, in using internet resources, we also need to consider various guidelines in selecting Internet Resources. Lamb (2005) provides set of guidelines we need to consider—need, quality, the reading level of the user, interest level of the resource, maturation level of the resource (which we need to match to the maturation level of the learners), timeliness of the resource and currency (updated).

In making our instruction more effective, teachers would not only stick to a textbook or one resource. Teachers tend to do research and use various methods of instruction to make the learning experience of the students more effective. Hence, this module is very important for future educators like me and also to the teachers out there. Knowing how to evaluate an internet resource and the characteristics of a good internet resource are indeed helpful to us. With this knowledge in mind, we could make our instruction content more valid and reliable. Also, this would add interactivity, interest and critical learning to our instruction and the learning experience of the students. Knowing also some helpful sites presented by Lamb (2005) would help us, especially me as a prospective educator, in selecting effective internet resources as we integrate it into our instruction.

Moreover, this module is also helpful for students (like me, too). With this module, learners would be able to differentiate the good and effective resource to not. It will also help us to have effective learning experience by providing sites that would foster interactive learning at a different level. Knowing how to evaluate internet resources would also help us not to fall into learning false, unreliable and invalid information.

I really enjoyed studying this module. The presentation of different sites is very interesting. In fact, I bookmarked those effective sites that Lamb (2005) has presented. I do this since I believed that I will be able to use these sites someday. I thank Lamb (2005) for giving these effective sites on one chapter. This knowledge will be treasured and very useful to me in the near future. This will also help me in making instructional lesson plans, and also in researching supplemental activities to my learning experience.

Indeed, the learning that I got from this module will require me to be more critical in researching on the internet and selecting Internet resource someday. This will not only help me but also my future students.



Lamb, A. (2005). Selecting & integrating resources: Teaching and learning with internet (Chap 4). In Building treehouses for learning: Technology in today’s classrooms, 119-158. Retrieved at