The following are my evaluation on this resource:

  • The design of this resource is consistent. It uses a tree background in all the slides. Moreover, the variation of color was well used to establish the difference between categories.
  • The buttons in the multimedia resources work properly
  • The transition is simple and not distracting
  • There are enough navigation for the users not to get lost on the resource
  • Consistent and effective layout and font style
  • The content is informational. The style of presentation is consistent.
  • Audios were incorporated on the slide and were audible enough.
  • All the videos are working and contributed to the learning process
  • The material is very interactive and self-paced.


  • The instruction on how to use was not well designed. I felt lost from the hyperspace and was not able to focus well on the content.
  • There is no well-established introductory slide. Upon checking the teacher overview button, it was indicated there that the learner must first study the Family part. However, the instruction on this was not well indicated on the master slide.
  • In addition, there are no given help slide and reference slide.
  • Also, there is no feedback on the formative evaluation on the slides.
  • Lastly, the slides are not arranged logically



The interactivity of the resource is very good. However, there are also some points to consider to make this resource more efficiently. The following are suggestions for improvement of this resource:

  • Lamb (2004) stated that it is useful to provide help slides for the students not to get lost in the hyperspace. Hence, the maker of this resource could provide help slide that is visible and would be the first one to open to orient the students.
  • Also, providing introductory slides would also help this resource catch up attention. (Lamb, 2004) I think it is better if the introductory slide would pop up upon opening the site.
  • Further, it is important that the resources of the visuals, information, and materials used were properly cited. Hence, it is crucial to provide reference slide.
  • It is important that the student monitors his/her learning. In the slide, there is some formative evaluation that the maker of the resource has provided. However, I was not able to receive immediate feedback upon finishing the task. Hence, it is also important that there are feedback slides on the resource. Perhaps, there should be something that would tell the learner that his/her answer is right or wrong.
  • Lastly, if the teacher wants the student to start with the “family” slide, it is important also to arrange the slides in logical order. Sequencing the slides would help the resource achieve the vision of the teacher.


Lamb, A. (2005). Designing and developing resources: multimedia materials (Chap 11). In Building treehouses for learning: Technology in today’s classrooms, 385-438. Retrieved at