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EDS 113 Ejournal Entries

On to the last step of Assessment—the problems in life

  Hi there everyone! We are bound to our last week for our 1st term! For this last entry, we are tasked to answer these questions: “What real world issues in your sphere of experience have surfaced from the lessons... Continue Reading →


Alternatives. Assessment. Schooling.

Learning is fun so as schooling? But what if your schooling tries to oppress your learning? I am now a college student but still, I am in the midst of contemplating on the importance of schooling in my life—education I... Continue Reading →

Objectives and Assessment (module 2 .2 entry)

Good day everyone! It has been another week of learning. This week our topic is all about the Frameworks for Assessment of Student Learning. I have learned the differences of objectives, learning outcomes and goals. In addition, I have also... Continue Reading →

Frameworks for Assessment of Student Learning—Module 2 (Learning for this week)

“Learning happens when what we believe to be true is challenged by new information that we cannot fit into the schema that we’ve developed to try to explain the world around us” —Lorna Earl (2006) Hi everyone! It has been... Continue Reading →

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