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EDS 131

Participatory Learning

    Hi fellas, this is my second to the last blog entry for EDS 131! And for this entry, I would like to share my knowledge on participatory learning and how it personally attracted me. First, I will cite... Continue Reading →


Effective Dialogue and Radicalization towards Critical Consciousness and Social Democracy—Module 5

    Welcome back fellas! Now I am down on to my 5th module in EDS 131. Here I have learned a lot from Freire and Mezirow about adult learner and achieving critical consciousness. In this module, there are 3... Continue Reading →

On Sternberg’s Successful Intelligence Theory

“To be successfully intelligent is to think well in three different ways: analytically, creatively, and practically.” —Robert Sternberg (1997)   Hi there fellas! It is nice to be back! 🙂 I’m on my 4th module in EDS 131 and this... Continue Reading →

On Adult Learner and the Acquisition of Knowledge and Expertise—Module 3

    “Adults are motivated to learn as they experience needs and interests that learning will satisfy; adults’ orientation to learning is life-centered; experience is the richest source for adults’ learning; adults have a deep need to be self-directing; and... Continue Reading →

On Adult Development—Module 2

    Hi there! I’m back 🙂 Indeed it was a tough weeks before I was able to get back, but anyway, I’ll start my second blog. 🙂 For this blog, I decided to answer directly some of the guide... Continue Reading →

Adult Learning, Learner, and Education. The first Step

Welcome to my first blog entry in EDS 131. The readings in module 1 revolves around defining adult learning, learner and education. In this module I have also learned the difference of pedagogy and andragogy. With this definitions and some... Continue Reading →

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