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EDS 151 Ejournal


  Every experience is a learning and learning must be experienced. This is my last e-journal entry for EDS 151—Instructional Media Resources, marking the end of the term but not my learning. It has been a great learning experience of... Continue Reading →


On Multimedia Resource—Module 7

  We are living in the modern information era where technology is obviously everywhere. Traditional chalk and board, textbooks, and passive lecture are now having its little importance in a sense of effective learning experience. Technology has been integrated into... Continue Reading →

Evaluation of a Multimedia Resource-Activity 5

  LRM: The following are my evaluation on this resource: The design of this resource is consistent. It uses a tree background in all the slides. Moreover, the variation of color was well used to establish the difference between... Continue Reading →

On Internet Resources—Module 6

    The Internet is very useful to us in this Information Age. However, this will also be dangerous to us. Information on the internet are not all facts, valid, and reliable. We need to evaluate its reliability and validity.... Continue Reading →

Audio Resources—Module 5

    Listening and hearing are different. Listening entails comprehension, hearing is just merely our physiological action on the stimuli present in our surroundings. (Smaldino et. al., 2004) You know guys, listening, for me, is our present generation’s main problem.... Continue Reading →

Activity 4—Evaluation of an Audio Material

    Audio Material: Description: According to the uploader (Ms. Alao, 2017), the audio teaches the students on “how to make connections to trigonometric ratios by [tell]ing how to construct equivalents.” Evaluation: From the rubric presented by Smaldino et.... Continue Reading →

Projected and Non-Projected Materials—Module 4

    Projected and non-projected materials—the first time I heard that module 4 is about these, I really quite interested and excited. I expected that I would learn the guidelines of making those kinds of materials. And guess what! I... Continue Reading →

Activity 3.2-Module 4

Evaluation of Non-Projected Material I took the material at ELEMENTS Visual Elements The poster shows a well graphical presentation of each kind of “push”. It is good for the audience from pre-school to grades 1 to 3. I think... Continue Reading →

Activity 3.1-Module 4

Five recommendations on how educational institutions may promote or integrate visual literacy into their curriculum or education programs: The institution must provide specific guidelines on analyzing and decoding a visual aid. According to Smaldino et. al. (2004), “learners must be... Continue Reading →

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